Downed Bikers was founded on September 2, 1999, with the underlying goal to provide emotional and financial support through benefits and poker runs. The organization has a Board of Directors, Bylaws, Articles of Organization, and a set of guidelines defining meetings, events, fund-raisers, etc.

Members receive a shirt, card, patch, and pin in return for their annual dues. Dues provide for operating expenses, such as; post office box rental, monthly phone bills, pins, patches, shirts, cards, web site hosting, printing, mailing, etc. Each chapter will be responsible for their own fundraising with 100% of the money raised going to the respective recipient.

We cannot prevent motorcycle accidents from occurring. However you can make a difference by being there through emotional and financial support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Downed Bikers Association?
A: Downed Bikers Association is a non-profit organization created to aid those lost or confined to a hospital due to a motorcycle accident.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: You can complete a membership application at any one of our benefit poker runs, bike night booth, chapter meetings or event. Call your local chapter for a list of their upcoming events.

Central Oklahoma | 405-789-5565
Western Plains Oklahoma | 580-445-1905
Tulsa Oklahoma | 918-814-7199
Enid Oklahoma | 580-977-7572

Q: Why should I join Downed Bikers.
A: The Downed Bikers sole purpose is to help persons involved in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents have increased significantly due to the increase in motorcycle rider ship. As the old saying goes, “It’s not a matter of IF you will go down, it’s a matter of WHEN”. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only organization whose purpose is to aid motorcycle accident victims.

Q: Do you have to ride a Harley?
A: No, Some of our members don’t even ride a bike. Its all about helping motorcycle accident victims.

Q: Is Downed Bikers a bike club or gang?
A: No, we are an association. A motorcycle club or gang usually has a 3 piece back patch. The top rocker states the name of the club, and the bottom rocker will say what city or area they are from. The patch will usually have M.C. or M/C on it. This designates them as a Motorcycle Club. An association on the other hand, has a 1 piece back patch. The Downed Bikers Association back patch has been approved by the Confederation of Clubs in Oklahoma and Colorado.

Q: Do you have to be a member to request a run?
A: No, you do not have to be a member to request or receive a benefit run. Anyone can request a benefit run so long as they meet the minimum requirements. The person involved in the accident MUST be admitted to an overnight stay at a hospital. In the event there are more requests than available dates, we will prioritize based upon need, severity of accident, etc.

Q: How do I request a run?
A: Each chapter has a different way of handling their requests. Oklahoma City Chapter requires a representative to come to the members meeting, and complete a run request form in person. Please contact your respective chapter for specific details.

Q:   Are the Board of Directors or Committee Members paid?
A:   No, they are a dedicated group of volunteers donating their valuable time to the organization.

Q: How can we start a chapter?
A: Contact Downed Bikers National Chapter at (405) 789-5565. Leave your name and number and a good time to call. After a short initial phone interview, we will determine whether to proceed with starting a chapter in your area. The next step would be to put your request in writing to present to the National Chapter of the Downed Bikers Association. Please be warned, starting a chapter requires a lot of time and effort. You must be willing to commit a significant amount of time to getting your chapter started and running.

Q: Why don’t you have the minutes of the meetings on the web site?
A: Based on legal council we have been advised not to publish the minutes of the meeting on the web site.